Sandra L- Bar Harbor ME

Simply put, Mary Kay did an outstanding job for us. But what we asked of her was anything but simple so it bears explaining how she met and far-exceeded our complex requests in providing, not one- but two beautiful and functional kitchen designs.

First, and most important, I so appreciated that Mary Kay actually did her homework and professionally addressed my query about an environmental issue. It bears pointing out that most responses I generally get include dismissive, patronizing and often ignorant jargon in lieu of informed answers. Mary Kay not only was eager to educate herself but since this was an area of lots of industry “greenwashing” I was impressed that she got up to speed immediately with the relatively obscure accurate information I needed to assure me that Crystal Cabinets would work for us and that she was the trusted person I knew I needed with whom to work.

The next challenge we presented was that we wanted her to design two very different kitchens simultaneously and they were for homes yet to be built (in another state). There were complicated scheduling and logistical issues which needed to be addressed which proved Mary Kay’s excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

Beyond that, since I was used to very custom woodworking from my husband (he wasn’t able to build the cabinets due to a time constraint) Mary Kay had to really be creative, flexible and intuitive in her designs. She was able to translate my long list of demands into something better than I could have imagined.

Mary Kay’s well-developed technical skill set relative to construction, styles and trends and building codes is obvious in her work. I found her to be extremely proactive; anticipating issues so there were no surprises with the countless details inherent in a kitchen design.

Last, but certainly not anywhere near the least, it is imperative that during the process of creating a dream kitchen that the designer is skillful at gathering information about one’s personal habits, preferences etc. to make the design as functional as well as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Mary Kay possesses exceptional and personable communication skills. She far exceeded our expectations; meeting any challenge we handed her with grace and grit.  She made the process for us, which had many hard choices and painstaking decisions, a total pleasure!